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Citizenship Certificate Form CIT 0001E

Form CIT 0001E is used by Canadian citizens who live in or outside of Canada who would like to apply for a citizenship certificate as proof of Canadian citizenship. If you are applying for a citizenship certificate and are 18 years or older you would be considered the applicant. If you are filing on behalf of a minor, 18 years or younger, then the child is considered the applicant.

Replacing Citizenship Certificate

If your citizenship certificate has been lost, stolen, damaged or your current information on your certificate is outdated, you can use Form CIT 0001E for requesting a replacement.

Canadian Citizenship by Parentage

Effective in April 2009, the rules change for individuals born outside of Canada to a Canadian parent. The change made to the Citizenship Act now limits citizenship to the first generation born or adopted outside of Canada.

Children born outside of Canada to a Canadian citizen (parent) will only be considered at the time of birth if:

  • The Parent was born in Canada or
  • The parent became a Canadian citizen by naturalization.

Children born outside of Canada and adopted by a Canadian citizen will only be eligible for Canadian citizenship under the adoption provisions of the Citizenship Act if:

  • The adoptive parent was born in Canada or
  • The adoptive parent became a Canadian citizen by naturalization.

Children who are not eligible for Canadian citizenship under the Citizenship Act may be eligible to be sponsored as a permanent resident. Children under the age of 18 may apply for citizenship as soon as they become a permanent resident.

Canada Citizenship Certificate Form CIT 0001E

  1. Complete your application quickly and correctly with our step-by-step guidance that leads you through each question or download and complete blank forms available directly form the IRCC (formerly known as the CIC).
  2. Pay the government filing fee online. The fee paid to the Government of Canada is separate from the fee paid to Canadian Immigration Solutions.
  3. Upon approval of your application a certificate of citizenship will be sent to you.
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